Cooking Classes just for pets!

As a pet owner, no doubt you want to give your dog or cat the best care possible. And caring for your pet means feeding them the best diet you can. Animals, because they are color blind, choose their foods by Catsmell and do not need salt added to their diet as the natural salt in the food is enough for them. You will find, once you begin making your own pet foods, that it is really relatively simple and you will save some money as well.  Remember that all pet foods should be served at room temperature.  Some dogs and cats even enjoy fruits!

Learn How To Make Your Own Healthier Pet Food

I will provide everything you need, including the food, cooking utensils, i.e. knives, cutting boards, pots/pans, aprons, towels, etc. Each class includes hands-on cooking instruction or, if you prefer, cooking demonstration while you watch. Also enjoy specially-themed music and decor. Note: All students are required to watch an instructional video and sign a waiver for hands-on participation. Classes can be held in the privacy of your home or at another a pre-determined location for an extra charge, either one-on-one or as a small group.

Option #1: JUST FOR DOGS. Most dogs like gamey flavors best, as well as liver, fat, garlic, horsemeat, lamb, beef, cheese and fish.   Dogs may eat any vegetable they want. You will learn about food options and recipes to use to create your dogs new favorite food and treats!Dog

Option #2: JUST FOR CATS. Cats enjoy chicken, liver, fish, turkey, lamb, and yeast, and prefer fresh to aged flavors.  Cats should not have any starchy veggies, like peas and corn.  Remember that cats are fussy eaters and it is not wise to continually feed them their favorite foods. Soon they will refuse to eat anything else; it is your job to see your cat has a balanced diet. Learn recipes and how to make your cat's new favorite food and treats!


Half Day Package 4 hours, $299* Choose one option
Full Day Package 8 hours, $499* Combine two options

*Price is based on 1-4 people per class. Additional charges may apply if class size exceeds 4 persons and for cooking instruction provided outside your home. (If facility rental is necessary) Packages are inclusive of setup and cleanup time.


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