Mark Jacobson: Tour Guide and Chef

Mark was surrounded by home-cooked food and fresh vegetables from the garden growing up on his family farm in rural North Dakota.  Here he developed his deep appreciation for food and learned all about cooking from his mother who owned and managed several successful local restaurants.  “I was always in the kitchen with my Mom, and also worked side by side with her at various restaurants, so I was learning how to cook at a very young age, without even realizing that I was learning.”

Mark rediscovered his passion for food while watching the Food Network, and in 2006 made the decision to enroll in culinary school after working over 25 years in the travel industry.  “I wanted to somehow incorporate my love for food into my everyday work life.”  Two years later he had his culinary degree.

Mark has had the good fortune to take many trips abroad during his years in the travel industry where he had the opportunity to experience, first-hand, many different cultures and cuisines.


“People always ask me if I have a favorite dish that I like to cook, but that is such a tough question, because I have so many favorites!”  

No matter what, Mark says that finding great tasting, healthier versions of his favorite recipes is a natural default for him because he has spent much of his life following the Weight Watchers program.  “My cooking is not only influenced by my many travel experiences but also my weight-loss journey, so I always place a special emphasis not only on great tasting food, but also on health and nutrition.”

Mark continues to work in the travel industry as a tour guide and recently launched Mark's Delicious Adventures which offers culinary tours, team building, small event catering and personal chef services including special programs for pets. 

“Many of you have traveled with me over the years and are well aware of my love for travel, so I am very excited to have the opportunity to also demonstrate my love for food!”

Happy travels and bon appetit!

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